2010 Tree Planting

In May 2010, the HOA planted trees and shrubs around the community. This planting was intended to address some of the long-term problems created by the removal of dead or diseased shrubs and trees over the years. The missing plant materials created open spaces that presented privacy issues.

In September 2009, the board asked Larry Cleveland and Jim Matsuo to volunteer their professional services. They gladly accepted and, with the approval of the board, they created a Planting Plan that would start to address the issues.  In April 2010, the board submitted the plan to multiple landscaping companies for competitive bids.  Based on the board's criteria, Plant Persuasion was awarded the bid.


Criteria for selection included:

  • Experience

  • Competitive price

  • Availability

  • Work done in a timely fashion

  • A one-year replacement guarantee at no cost


When the trees were planted in May 2010, both Larry and Jim took time off from work to supervise the placement and planting to ensure that everything we ordered and paid for was planted on the property.  All the trees and shrubs were planted in the common areas.


These trees and shrubs provide privacy as well as beautifying the grounds. This not only makes walking around the property a more pleasant experience, it also improves the curb appeal of our homes, thus increasing their value.


We wanted to thank those who have worked on the project. With proper maintenance, the trees and shrubs will continue to enhance Sunkist Villas for many years to come.


Click on Plotting Plan to see where the trees are located.