Parking and CC&Rs

Please keep the following in mind when it comes to parking:

  • Speed limit inside the property is 10 miles per hour.
  • Each unit was designed by the builder with two parking spaces inside the garage.
  • There are 32 marked guest parking spaces on the property that are to be used for guest parking only. Owners, residents, and tenants must use their garage for their vehicles whenever possible. Guest parking is not to be used for vehicle storage at any time. Vehicles are not to be left in a guest parking space beyond the posted parking times. Guest parking spaces may not be used continuously for periods in excess of 72 hours.
  • Tandem parking is not permitted anywhere on the property.
  • Cars are not to be parked in-between units, they must be directly in front of the garages.

Vehicles Subject To Immediate Towing/Fines or Both:

  • Any tandem parked car anywhere on the property.
  • Any vehicle parked in a manner as to impede ready access to any other garage or parking space and or blocking ready access for fire trucks or other emergency vehicles.
  • Parking in roadways.
  • Parking in non-designated areas that are next to the designated guest parking spaces.


The parking regulations were drawn up from the CC&Rs and the Bylaws. The entire document can be found on this link.

The CC&Rs deal with parking in Article V (l).

The Bylaws deal with parking in Article VI Section 5(e).

Homeowners should keep Article V (b) of the CC&Rs in mind when it comes to parking and business:

"Owners shall occupy their respective units as private dwellings for themselves and their immediate families or their lessees, as hereinafter limited, and for no other purposes"

The Bylaws gives the power to the board under Article IV, Section 2 (j) to :

"Formulate rules of operation of the Common Areas and facilities owned or controlled by the Association".

From this section the Rules and Regulations were written. They are intended to be an addition to the CC&Rs and the Bylaws. Overlapping these rules, comes any fire code regulations (20ft clearance for all roadways and driveways), Los Angeles City Ordinances and any state laws.

Sunkist Villas
Rules and Regulations


Section V: Parking

A. The unit owner is responsible for the compliance by all residents of his/her unit, his/her guests, tenants, and tenant's guest with the SUNLAND SUNKIST VILLAS Rules and Regulations regarding vehicles and parking.

B. The maximum speed limit within the SUNLAND SUNKIST VILLAS is 10 miles per hour.


D. There will be No Parking within ten (10) feet of the center of the roadway. (Refer to FIRE LANE REQUIREMENT THROUGH OUT SUNKIST VILLAS)

E. Work done on cars and motorcycles, owned by the resident, in the garages, must be done in such a manner so as not to restrict or bother nearby areas. No mess allowed. All work must be cleaned up immediately after completion. No noise is permitted which would reasonably bother others in the area.

F. Parking spaces may be used only for parking operational cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Specifically, the following MAY NOT be stored or parked in parking spaces.

a. Vehicles whose size causes them to extend into the street.

b. Campers, trailers, or boats.

c. Non-functioning or heavily damage vehicles.

d. Anything that is not a vehicle

G. Guest parking spaces are expected to be available for use by guest and visitors to SUNLAND SUNKIST VILLAS. Owners, residents, and tenants must use their garage for their vehicles whenever possible.

H. Guest parking spaces may not be used continuously for periods in excess of 72 hours.

I. The blowing of horns, loud playing of car radios or sound systems, or the racing of engines is prohibited at all times.

J. No heavy trucks, house trailers, boats, boat trailers, R.V.'s or similar vehicles shall be parked in any of the guest paring areas or the streets of the complex. They may only be temporarily parked thereon for trip preparation and for unpacking upon return.

K. Owners must not permit their guest, tenants, or members of their family to use driveways or garages of other owners, nor shall any car be parked so as to impede or prevent ready access to another's garage.

L."NO PARKING" signs, where posted, MUST BE OBEYED.

M. Guests are to park in designated guest parking spaces.

N. In addition to any fines imposed or legal action taken by the Association against an owner in violation of these parking rules, the vehicle in violation is SUBJECT TO TOWING WITHOUT NOTICE. TOWING WILL BE AT THE VEHICLE OWNER'S EXPENSE.