Rear Patio (Exclusive Use Area)

If you are planning on putting in a new patio, you must submit an Architectural Request Form first. The board will verify that you have a proper drainage plan under the new patio and that you are using a licensed insured contractor to do the work.

Front and Side Landscaping (Common Areas)

The Landscaping Committee will be formulating guidelines for the planting of these areas.


Landscape Committee:

The Landscape Committee is charged with establishing planting guidelines and to help homeowners plant flowers that will enhance the quality of their lives and the community. The committee will also draw up list of plants and shrubs that can be used in the fenced in back yards. In addition, a list of plants, shrubs and trees that are considered harmful to our environment will be drawn up and the homeowners are not to plant these anywhere.


Pool Area Now Has Color:

The Landscaping Committee did some planting at the pool on Sunday April 22, 2007. As we get into May, look for the pool area to come out in full bloom. Many thanks to the homeowners of 04, 11, 13, 14, 17, 55, 58, 65, 66

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