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Read our 2012-2013 Reserve Study to find out where we are with our finances.

How long can my guest park at guest parking?

Guest parking spaces are posted for a 24 hour limit.  Guest parking is not to be used for parking or storage of spare vehicles.  Each unit was designed with two parking spaces in the garage.  Keep in mind that if you park in front of your garage, you must have at least 20 feet of open space behind your car or beside it to allow for passage of fire trucks and other emergency vehicles.

I want to put in a new front door. Do I need approval?

Yes the board needs to approve any new front door.  First fill out an architectural request and submit it to the board through Ana at Westcom.  You can choose from any one of the door designs on this link.  The door needs to be painted the same color as the other doors at Sunkist Villas.

Can I put in a new concrete patio in my back yard?

Yes you can with the approval of the board.  Fill out an Architectural Request Form.  The Board will verify from your site plan that you have the proper drainage and sloping.  You also have to submit the name of a licensed contractor who has the proper worker's comp insurance who will be doing the work.